The Bell Turbo Hub Program

At times, the signal strength in your home will be marginal or even too low for the Turbo Hub to function properly. Reasons for this could be either obstacles such as trees, mountains, tall buildings, etc or a location just outside the main coverage area. In these cases, an external antenna can improve the signal strength on your Turbo Hub.

Crossover and Bell have developed a program that allows Bell customers to purchase an external antenna kit directly from Crossover. Once purchased, customers can either install the external antenna themselves or have it professionally installed by an authorized installer or dealer.

Turbo Hub service is only available within the Bell LTE/HSPA wireless network coverage area.

For more information on the external antenna kit see the User Guide.

For frequently asked questions please see the FAQ.

If you have any other questions, concerns or issues when placing your order, please contact us at

Order a Bell Turbo Hub Antenna Kit