FAQs About The Bell Turbo Hub Solution

The Bell Turbo Hub is a wireless device that connects to the outside cellular tower network in order to access the internet. If the signal level from the Bell Turbo Hub to the tower network is too low, then an external outdoor antenna is required to improve the signal level to the Bell Turbo Hub.
The External Antenna is an outdoor directional antenna that amplifies the signal from the tower to the Bell Turbo Hub which increases the signal strength to improve the performance of the Bell Turbo Hub. The external antenna is mounted on the outside wall of the home in the direction of the closest cellular tower and is connected back to the Bell Turbo Hub by a coaxial cable.
The External Antenna Kit can be purchased with either a 15 meter or 25 meter cable kit so the cost varies. On average the cost for an antenna kit including shipping is under $200.00.
The external antenna kit includes a directional outdoor antenna, outdoor wall mount bracket, coaxial cable (you must select which cable length you require) and a short 30 cm pigtail cable. The pigtail cable is required to connect the coaxial cable from the External Antenna to the Bell Turbo Hub. Please note that the pigtail cable is specific to the model of Bell Turbo Hub you have purchased.
Yes, you can install the external antenna kit yourself, if you are comfortable with a ladder and drill. Crossover can refer you to one of our Certified Installers in your area.
Yes, you can return the external antenna kit if it is in re-sellable condition and it is in the original packaging.
You can place an order online or via an email to sales@crossoverdistribution.com. For any further questions abount placing an order please call toll free 1-866-616-5111.
Once an order is placed it ships within 24 hours if all parts are in stock. Orders can also be picked up at our office located at 10 Bram Court, Brampton, Ontario L6W 3R6.
The external antenna kit is designed specifically for your Turbo Hub. It unfortunately cannot improve your cell phone coverage. Crossover does offer cell phone booster kits that will improve cell phone coverage in your home. For more information on cell phone boosters please Call Toll Free 1-866-616-5111 or send an email to sales@crossoverdistribution.com
From time to time Bell expands and upgrades their network. As a result it is possible that your outdoor external antenna may need to be redirected to another tower.
Installation costs vary depending on the style of home and type of install that is required to obtain optimal performance for your Bell Turbo Hub. One of our Certified Installers would be happy to provide you a quote.
No, Crossover is a privately owned company that has been selected by Bell as their National Bell Turbo Hub Partner.