Turbo Hub End User External Antenna Guide

The Bell Turbo Hub Program

At times, the signal strength in your home will be marginal or even too low for the Turbo Hub to function properly. Reasons for this could be either obstacles such as trees, mountains, tall buildings, etc or a location just outside the main coverage area. In these cases, an external antenna can improve the signal strength on your Turbo Hub.

Crossover and Bell have developed a program that allows Bell customers to purchase an external antenna kit directly from Crossover. Once purchased, customers can either install the external antenna themselves or have it professionally installed by an authorized installer or dealer.

Turbo Hub service is only available within the Bell LTE/HSPA wireless network coverage area.

External Antenna Kit

There are 4 components to the external antenna kit:
# Component Part Number
1 High Performance Antenna CD-LPDA-0092
1 Performance Antenna CD-40114ON
2 15 Meter Outdoor Cable CD-LMR240SMAN-15M
2 25 Meter Outdoor Cable CD-LMR400SMAN-25M
3 Coax Pigtail jumper cable Based on the Turbo Hub model(reference table)
4 23 Inch Mounting Arm for Outdoor Antenna CD-BTA
Antenna Kit Diagram

Coax Pigtail Jumper Cross Reference

Manufacturer Model Number Jumper Part Number Description Length
*NETGEAR MBR1210 CD-RG174SMA-RPTNCM-30CM RG-174 jumper, RP-TNC(m) to SMA (f) 30 cm
NETGEAR MVBR1210C CD-RG174SMA-MF RG-174 jumper, SMA(m) to SMA (f) 30 cm
NETGEAR MBR1516 CD-RG174SMA-MF RG-174 jumper, SMA(m) to SMA (f) 30 cm

*For Turbo Hub model MBR1210 please call toll free 1-866-616-5111

Optional Components

Optional Surge Protector and RF Jumper
Component Description Part Number
Lightnig Arrestor N Jack B/H to N Jack CD-95381SP
Jumper LMR400 Style N(m) to N(m) 2 ft CD-CM001-2

Important: BOTH items must be purchased if buying optional surge protection

Antenna Installation

Proper Outdoor Antenna Placement

Installation Options

Below the Roofline

Mounted below the eaves trough

Above the Roofline

Mounted above the eaves trough on roof or to chimney

When installing above the roofline proper grounding and bonding must be done

A surge protector must also be install as details above.

In order to simplify the installation, surge protector should be installed near the antenna with the 2 foot LMR-400 style RF jumper

Ensure that the surge protector is properly sealed from rain, snow, etc., using electrical tape or any outdoor rated sealant.

Installation Options - Diagram


Home/Office installation: Azimuth and tilt should be asjusted to obtain maximum signal.

NETGEAR Turbo Hub Configuration Details

NETGEAR MVBR1516 Broadband Router

Similar to MBR1210 but is dual-mode LTE/HSPA+:

new 'Genie' web graphical user interface

End User must enable the external antenna port by logging into the device via computer.

Enabling use of external antenna - MVBR1516
  1. In the Advanced tab, click on 'Setup' and then select 'Mobile Broadband Settings'
  2. By default, the 'User internal antenna' checkbox is selected, To enable use of an external antenna, de-select this checkbox.
  3. Click on 'Apply'
  4. Router will reboot
Changing the APN - MVBR1516
  1. Enter APN setting. (Username and Password left blank)
  2. Click on 'Apply'
  3. Router will reboot
Back Panel - MVBR1516

Connector for optional main (primary) external antenna

Connector for optional auxiliary (secondary) external LTE antenna

Netgear MBR1210 Broadband Router

End User must enable the external antenna port by logging into the device via computer to enable the external antenna port:

The following shows a couple of screen sheets with instructions

Enabling use of external antenna - MBR1210
MBR1210-ExternalAntenna-1.png MBR1210-ExternalAntenna-2.png
Netgear MVBR1210C Broadband Router

End User must enable the external antenna port by logging into the device via a laptop to enable the external antenna port:

Similar to MBR1210 except also supports circuits voice (customer must also subscribe to voice).

Unlike MBR1210, connector for the TurboHUB is SMA female which requires the following pigtail: CD-RG174 SMA-MF.

Configuration same as MBR1210

Back Panel - MVBR1210C

Connector for optional external antenna. SMA female